Welcome to our platform dedicated to tracking the dynamics of the Overton Window. Our mission is to capture the nuanced shifts within public discourse and offer insights into the changing landscape of ideas.

What is the Overton Window?

The Overton Window refers to the range of ideas and opinions that are deemed acceptable and within the mainstream of public debate at any given time. It is a concept that illustrates the boundaries of discussion on various topics in society. As these boundaries evolve, certain ideas move from being considered radical or unthinkable to becoming more accepted and normalized.

Our Purpose

Our project goes beyond simply recognizing the Overton Window’s opening; we meticulously gather and analyze data to discern patterns and trends related to the frequency of specific terms across influential news sources. By doing so, we provide a comprehensive overview of the ebb and flow of public discourse.

Data Collection and Analysis

Currently, we are actively collecting data from some of the most prominent news websites in multiple languages: Russian (ru), Czech (cz), German (de), and Ukrainian (ua). This multi-lingual approach allows us to capture a diverse range of perspectives and understand how the concept of the Overton Window operates within different linguistic and cultural contexts.

Over the next 3-4 months, we will transition into the analysis stage. During this period, we will apply advanced analytical techniques to the accumulated data, identifying correlations, spikes in term usage, and emerging trends. Our goal is to offer a clear visualization of how the boundaries of public debate evolve over time.

Join Us on this Exploration

We invite you to join us on this intellectual journey as we navigate the ever-shifting currents of public discourse. Whether you’re an academic, a journalist, a curious individual, or simply someone passionate about understanding how ideas gain prominence, our platform provides a valuable resource for your exploration.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or insights to share, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Together, let’s explore the Overton Window’s expansion and its impact on our society.

Sincerely, Overton Catcher team

Founder, bizibah.com